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"90% of the Population Fails to Meet Their Fitness Goals, the Rest Trains With Us... Welcome to the 10% Crowd"

Belin Sport & Fitness Weight Loss

Mary Kraetsch

"I've been doing boot camp since May. After 5 months, I have lost over 72 pounds and have gone down a few clothing sizes. But more important than my weight loss is the fact that I just feel better about myself, I feel happier, and I..." CLICK HERE to READ MORE

Belin Sport & Fitness lose weight

Camille Williams

"My wedding was around and I really wanted to look my best for the wedding. I read the Google reviews about BS&F and I was sold. I had workout with other boot camps & gym classes and these guys are the best hands down. The workouts were challenging and group was so supportive." CLICK HERE to READ MORE

Belin Sport & Fitness How I lost weight

Mark Dedrick

"I tore my achilles playing soccer and I was on the couch for months. While recovering I had put on over 50 pounds. Once i got the OK from my doctor I knew i would need some help getting the weight off. A friend of mine had suggested that I check out the group ..." CLICK HERE to READ MORE


I first worked out with Corey 5 years ago and loved the challenges he gave my body along with the results. I recently started back working out and chose to work with Corey again music + Corey = Great work out Great Results .

- De'Mya

Wow what a work out!!!! Great way to get back into shape after this quarentine. Only thing I would suggest is add some time at the end to help stretch out the muscles worked on.

- Carmen Alvarenga

This workout is not for the faint of heart i found it to be very exhilarating and totally worth it try it you won't be disappointed.

- shahidat Abbas