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Weight Loss Program in Just 11 Days

Are you interested in jump starting your weight loss goals by losing up to 8-12 pounds lost in 11 days? We can help you reach your goals and see a significant change in your body. In just a short period of time everyone else will see you have lost weight. There are so many diet and weight loss programs on the market today. Some require weeks of work with and slow gains. Our training programs (private training or fitness boot camp) called the 11 Day B. Challenge will provide you with all you will need.

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Get unbelievable TV weight loss results.

Our body transforming workout comes equipped with a step-by-step guide and your own professional personal training or fitness boot camp instructor.

Over 942 achieved the following weigh loss in 11 days since 2011:

  • Lose 8-12 lbs. (ave 9.7 lbs)
  • 3-5 inch decrease in the midsection
  • Physically looked different
  • Excited to step on a scale
  • Energized about exercising
  • Improved self confidence

Total Weight Lost 14.8 lbs

"My girl friend & I joined the BS&F Boot Camp together. We both were getting into better shape, but my girlfriend was losing 5 to 7 pounds per month while my weight would move in very small increments. I could run a mile faster and was physically stronger, but it wasn't showing on the scale. I finally decided to take the 11 Day B. Challenge. After 11 days I step on to the scale and I was 14 pounds lighter & my waistline was down 2 inches. BS& has truly localized the "Biggest Loser" results."


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results weigh loss

Total Weight Loss 9 lbs

"Grammy nominated recording artist Carolyn Malachi saw some of the amazing results we posted on Facebook and she was like "Wow, I'm next!" Four days later, Carolyn was in the gym with one of the trainers from Belin Sport & Fitness. Check her story as it begins with her in the recording studio. In just 11 days her weigh loss wasn't the biggest shocker, it was how amazing she and different she looked. People are talking and Facebook is buzzing...that they would like to see Biggest Loser vs 11 Day B.Challenge."

Carolyn Malachi|Grammy Nominee

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#1, #2, #3 , #4 . . . #11 Days! That's all it takes! The 11 B. Challenge is birth of our transformations challenges. This is a results focus and eye catching fitness and fat loss program that includes accountability, group training and motivation; all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and supporting environment.

Each training session is led by an nationally certified personal trainer and is designed to be fun, non-intimidating and challenging, while burning maximum fat, in minimum time. Planning, Perpetration and Proven Practices (P-P-PP) is key to getting the over night results, which is why my 11 day body transformation programs are for all fitness level.

There are strength in numbers! Each workout is administrated a community style setting which makes them challenging, fun, motivating, challenging AND it keeps the cost of the program affordable compared to private one-on-one personal training sessions. Earn all RESULTS for a FRACTION of the price!

Your probably telling yourself...
    ►I don't have the motivation it takes to see results
    ►I finding it difficult staying focus to a workout plan
    ►I don't have hours to spend in the gym
    ►I don't think 11 days is enough time lose the fat
    ►I really don't know know how to get started

Don’t worry, We’ve Got All the ANSWERS to the TEST!

With our 11 Day B. Challenge you will achieve Faster Fat Loss in less than an hour a day in a Fun, Energetic, Non-Intimidating Atmosphere.

Plus you’ll be melting fat, building lean toned muscle and kicking your metabolism into high gear!

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"Outstanding results in less amount of time! When I first tried B&S fitness I was skeptical with the 11-day fitness goal challenge. However, after 11 days I lost a total of 13 pounds and gain lean muscle that I could see! I would definitely recommend B&S boot camp for anyone that is trying to meet their fitness goals while enjoying a family-like atmosphere and having lots of fun!"

Aaron Dixon

"Two years ago, I joined Corey Belin's bootcamp with the intention of staying for only one month. Corey's focus on exercise was well as nutrition is why I stayed. His enthusiasm and dedication to see me reach my goals motivates me to keep going. The 11-Day Challenge is a must try!never been able to build up my endurance without Cory pushing me. Love that everyone is his class are always motivating each other. "

Kemi Akinjiola

"I did the 11 day challenge and lost 12 pounds and 4 inches off my waist.
It was extremely challenging. If I could change anything, I would be more mentally prepared for it. I would have done it when I didn't have so many other (personal and work related) commitments."

Ashley Mari Makeup

"This is by far the best boot camp I have tried in the DC area. I have been going to the boot camp classes for almost a year. I have really noticed the change and improvement in my body. I'm a lot stronger and more toned. Corey Belin who is the personal trainer is a great motivator. Even though it is in a group setting, he makes you feel as if you are getting personal training one on one. Corey is original and always come up with challenging and fun routines so that the classes are never boring. As a bonus, he also works out with you on weekends in preparation for races. Come and try one of his classes and you will be hooked!"

Alexandra Le