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BFit Quick Start

The B.Fit Quick Start Program Will Show You How to Get Fit and Lose Weight...Rapidly

BS&F's 20 day rapid way to lose weight program is perfect for individuals who seek instant improvement in under a month. Many people who complete this program regularly see a 3 to 5% reduction in body fat and lose weight anywhere from 12 to 16 pounds (lbs.) This could mean that by joining today it's possible you could fit right back into your favorite pair of skinny jeans, a favorite swimsuit or be absolutely ready for the beach or upcoming event (lose weight).

Here is what you can expect to see after 30 days:

  • lose weight 12-16 lbs.
  • 3-6 inch decrease in the midsection
  • 3-5% reduction in body fat
  • 25% improvement in strength
  • 100% gain in self-confidence
  • 25% improvement in endurance
  • improved muscle tone
  • increased knowledge of healthy eating

"I've been doing boot camp since May. After 7 months, I have lost over 73 pounds and have gone down a few clothing sizes. But more important, after i lose weight I just feel better about myself, I feel happier, and I really feel like I accomplished something important for myself."

– Mary, 73 lbs. in 7 Months

Lose Weight Now | B.Fit Quick Start Program

The best news about the B.Fit Quick Start program is not that you will lose weight... it's adaptable, if you find that the program helped you to establish healthy eating habits and results before, you can continue your progress and rejoin the program to lose weight. When you lose weight of 12 pounds or more is repeatable if you continue using the program and its online nutrition guide. With the help of personal training and group fitness programs you can get a body transforming workout that will help you lose that quick.

What is the Bfit Quick Start Program:

This program focuses on the other 96% of the day when you are NOT training with us, in that time is when most people fail to reach their goals. This programs provides you with the accountability, nutrition and fitness guidance you need to achieve physical transformation you desire. We will give you a series of step-by-step task to complete the 1st two weeks helping you to develop the skills and discipline to lose weight with a weight lost goal of 4 pounds in the 1st 14 days.

Task to be completed in the 1st 14 days:

  • Take before photos
  • initial weigh-in
  • build a personal meal plan
  • take photo of purchased food
  • complete 6 workouts with trainer
  • complete 6 hours of cardio
  • take photos of each meal
  • 14 day weigh-in

The last 11 days each person enters the 11 Day B. Challenge (lose weight accelerator) portion of the program. This is when the program gets streamed line and turned upside down and the pounds and inches start melting off. The average person that completes those phase will lose weight from 10 to 12 pounds. Now do the math... That's 4 pounds in the 1st two weeks plus the average weight lose in the last 11 days (10-12 pounds), that equals 14 to 16 pounds in 20 days (average). It's not uncommon to see people to lose 20 to 22 pounds in 20 days.

Lose Weight and Create Healthy Habits

The B.Fit Quick Start program focuses more so on healthy habits that you can use to pass your goals and great some great habits that you can continue when you are not training with the personal trainer. To lose weight is not the main focus of this program, it is about accountability, following the nutrition guides and completing some homework by regularly working out between training sessions. The program begins with instruction to help you develop all of the skills you need to exercise, eat well and lose weight. After the first week discipline, hard work and personal training help you lose weight quickly and if you are able to continue some of these exercises you will not only keep the weight off but also continue to shed pounds.

Program Cost:

The Quick Start Program is is a add-on with a selection of the B.Fit Challenge Fitness Boot Camp or Personal Training.

Lose Weight Now